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Montenegrin Digital Library is an independent initiative to preserve the Montenegrin science and cultural heritage. In one of its sections (history, Montenegro in the XX century) there is a large collection of articles, interviews and documentaries dealing with the situation in Yugoslavia during the 1990s and the situation in Montenegro.


Language: Montenegrin

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Ron Haviv: Blood & Honey (photo essay)

Ron Haviv is an American photographer who recorded many important events during the wars in the former Yugoslavia. His photographs are present in many printed and electronic publications. They were also used as evidence at the International Criminal Court in The Hague. The online photo essay was created based on the book “Blood And Honey: A Balkan War Journal” (2000). It contains a hundred photographs showing war injuries, most of which are suitable for teaching in schools.

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Language: English

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Fama Collection

Fama CollectionThe siege of Sarajevo is told through the experience of ordinary people – citizens of Sarajevo. Most of the recorded video testimonies were created during or immediately after the siege of Sarajevo. Video interviews were done with about 450 citizens of Sarajevo – politicians, doctors, children, generals, artists, journalists, educators, housewives, actors, innovators, ordinary citizens. Their personal testimonies were chronologically recorded, from March 1992 to March 1996. The material containing survey about survival `92-`96 is the first and only research conducted on the survival experience of ordinary citizens of Sarajevo during the siege. Questionnaires (31 standard questions) provide a unique insight into life and survival under siege according to the experience of 4,637 individuals from all urban neighborhoods and provide the possibility for a comparison.


Language: Bosnian, English

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Lessons from the ’91.

The Traveling Exhibition (2016 – 2017) “Lessons from the ’91” is the project of the Society for European Consciousness in Maribor, whose partners are Foto Club Maribor, the International Photography Festival Organ Vida and the Photo Association of Serbia. The exhibition contains war photographs (over 150), of photographers (34) from the territory of the former Yugoslavia, including several international authors. The exhibition displays war years, starting from events in Slovenia, through Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina to Serbia, Kosovo and Macedonia. Exposed photographs include topics: refugees, children, victims, soldiers and events: shelling of Dubrovnik, fall of Vukovar and siege of Sarajevo.

Language: bosnian, montenegrian, serbian

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